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Swingbuster Hands Back Hitter

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Product #: 00019

The Swingbuster Hands Back Hitter™ is the affordable, portable, personal batting station that reinforces the proper swinging form, every time. There are no age limits on this tool's ability to conform a batter to the perfect swing.

  • Step 1: Place a wiffle ball on the launcher, load your hands back as you stride, landing on the firing cord.
  • Step 2: Ball appears in the hitting zone with you in the ideal position... hands back, foot down, hips leading to the ball.
  • Step 3: Feel and teach how to load/coil your body as you stride to hit and the effortless power that comes from torque.
  • Comes with a CD outlining the Check 3 System, a new and exciting approach to success at the plate.
  • Adult - Suitable for ages 12 and over. Youth - Suitable for ages 12 and under.